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Managing a restaurant is undoubtedly an extremely daunting task! It involves a series of finely interconnected processes that need to be handled with precision to cater to the superior guest experience. The hospitality industry is experiencing a global boom, and technological tools are an amazing opportunity for restaurant owners to capitalize to the fullest. Most dining establishments have now made the smart transition to Restaurant Management System that serves as holistic solutions for daily operations.

       Hotel management software is an all-inclusive system which simplifies the end to end of hotel operations such as front office, hotel reservations, billing, housekeeping, payments, and more by automating them. The purpose of Hotel Management is to provide quality and standard services to the customers that stay in a Hotel.  Managing Bookings, Direct Bookings, Channel Management and Hotel Website are the other mainly purpose of hotel management system.

       The primary benefits of hotel management system are shorten time spent on administration tasks, build up your online presence, make relationships with guests, maintain your distribution, regulate your revenue, strengthen bookings.

Xenia Hotel Management Software is an online Hotel Management Software that provides you with the ease and flexibility to manage reservations and bookings through its online module. In addition to online bookings and reservations you can also manage a host of front office activities like check in/ checkout, general financial accounting and business report generation. Xenia is equipped to handle the most complex booking policies and is also easily customizable to suit your specific needs.

The key elements of Xenia Hotel Management Software are

  • online reservation & booking management

Earlier the booking and reservation pattern in the hotel management system was quite haywire. Too much commission was paid to the travel agents to get customers but with the arrival of internet and online reservation through software hotel management finds their business more profitable. It reduces the third party intervention in the business. The direct sales mean higher profits. The hotel management software without online reservation and booking management would be ineffective.

  • housekeeping management

To put every room in better shape and well prepared the hotel management requires the help of the housekeeping. The housekeeping management deals with the cleaning, hygiene and preparation of the rooms before the arrival of a guest. The feature of hotel management software which includes housekeeping management assures that you have an automated system to communicate the housekeeping about the check out and arriving guests into the hotel.

  • mobile access

Online Hotel Front Office Management software is mobile accessible. It is very useful for online Reservation, Check in, Checkout ,etc. at anytime and anywhere with the help of internet

  • room chart management

Online Hotel Front Office Management software includes a pictorial representation of rooms status. Room Chart management is user friendly and easy to understand room status. A short description of the guest and checkin details are available in this section.

  • reports management

Report management includes Reservation , Check in ,Checkout ,Voucher ,Service ,agent Commission ,User ,Ledger ,Agent Commission ,User ,Ledger ,Agent ,Daybook ,Luxury Tax ,Trial Balance. These reports are helpful to accounting section.

  • User management

Multiple users can be accessible in this system . Each user has their own user name and password. Administrator can be assign permissions to each users like edit, delete etc. We can generate user activity report.


  • User friendly room chart.
  • User permission Management.
  • Report of user activity.
  • Different Types of reports (Reservation Report, Checkout Report etc.).
  • Housekeeping Management.
  • Mobile compatible.

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