Xenia Medi-A comprehensive solution for every pharmaceutical business.

Owning a successful independent pharmacy requires patience – as well as patients, of course – passion, attention to detail, and commitment. By remaining diligent on records and patient care, you will experience more profit for your pharmacy. As a pharmacist, you may think that your most difficult tasks will include helping patients and keeping track of possible contraindications between medicines. But many pharmacists say those tasks are easy compared to the unique accounting and bookkeeping needed in a pharmacy.

Pharmacy billing is no simple matter, although technology removes most of the headaches. When it comes to inventory, billing, and payment reimbursement, the intricate details can sometimes be time consuming and inconvenient to navigate.

        You may also have comparable problems to deal with. But have you ever considered what needs to be altered in the pharmaceutical sector’s operating style? Using technology or implementing a software solution exactly.Yes, today’s manufacturing procedures are very complex and change day by day, as well as the scale of activities and timeliness becomes critical in any manufacturing process, so you need sophisticated Inventory and accounting software to streamline all these processes to maintain and operate the business.

Let’s know how Xenia Medi guarantees that your pharmaceutical company does not fall back on the evolutionary scale.

  1. Simple and Prompt Billing

Even for less savvy users, with very minimal training a user can easily manage multiple customers at once and accept payments through various modes. Our interface is designed with Multi Pricelist, Batch wise billing to make things Easy, Fast & Simple for the end user.

  • Analytics on the Go

Xenia Medi smart dashboard give access to critical information like Sales Report, Expiry Report, Tax reports, Profit etc. along with Excel & PDF Export also. The power of all this information at your fingertips will make you act fast in your business.

  • Doctor Creation

We have given at most attention to every detail. Xenia Medi will help you create a database of doctors associated with your business. Create a doctor database, calculate commissions, save prescriptions and a lot more to leave no sweat.

  • Patient Creation

Store an unlimited amount of patients in the database, this will help you understand purchase history, customer tracking etc. Security of the patient information is paramount, so we have taken every precaution to make sure your data is secure as possible.

  • Expiry Management

We have added a comprehensive expiry management module, to prevent wastage, easily identification, product return and also to provide customers with quality products that are not short expiry.

  • Out of the Box Customization

Xenia Medi offers highly configurable features to suit your requirements. We do understand every business has unique requirements. With our vast experience in the software industry we are ready to provide any add-ons are requested by the customer.

  • Smart Inventory

Keep a complete track of your inventory level, keep optimum stock levels, and understand slow moving and stuck items. Re-order stock as and when required through Re-order level inventory Control and much more.

  • Smart Purchase Order

Connect with your suppliers digitally, no more hustle of paperwork, check with reorder level inventory reports,and create purchase order. Keep in touch with suppliers directly through Email or SMS.

  • Vendor Management

Your business can benefit from a larger selection of vendors, resulting in more choices and ultimately better costs. The issues of managing documentation and other vital information in your business can be eliminated, which improves overall performance.

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